Founded in 2009, INNETICA is a non-profit association whose mission is to promote cooperation between entities across Europe to promote European values in accordance with Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. Its mission is to promote social innovation projects, in addition to developing educational projects and teaching activities. INNETICA associates university entities, public bodies, companies, training centres, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute their ideas and experiences for the change and improvement of European societies. To fulfil all these purposes, develop various activities, for example, The organization of conferences and meetings at the national and European level in education, training, culture, research and social innovation. Conduct dissemination campaigns on the results of the projects carried out by the Association. Creation and development of content, applications and digital services devoted to the areas mentioned in different languages. INNETICA has a staff of professionals with great experience in different areas.







Edu Consulting, z.ú, Czech Republic


Edu Consulting, z.ú is a Non-Governmental Organisation established in the Czech Republic to work in education. Associations main aim is to promote modern systems and ways of education on the principles of multicultural. Its emphasis focus first of all in on the area of cultural heritage, promotion of the culture in Europe, youth education (especially from rural areas) and women entrepreneurship. EUC involves a dynamic team of experienced employees provides a comprehensive package of services addressing the needs of the NGO’s target groups youths, professionals of various areas ( e.g. rural development advisors, social and cultural facilitators etc.), cultural organisations and NGO ’s. EUC also identified, from the initial steps of its operations, the need for creating links between the Czech culture and the wider European culture and put great emphasis on the exploitation of the potentials created by the Czech Republic participation in the European Union. EUC offers a variety of services to the public, as well as the private sector of the Czech Republic. It has also started to actively participate in international schemes, through a well-established network of partners abroad, based on the intense past experience of its founder. The stuff of EUC participated in several international multilateral projects mostly in the frame of Life Long Learning Programme and Erasmus Plus Strategic Partnerships.






RDA with BSC for SMEs, Bulgaria


RDA BSC SMEs (Regional Development Agency with Business Support Centre for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) more than 20 years working in the fields of -regional development (civil and rural), -improvement of the economic environment, -creating a local mechanisms for development and support of the businesses (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises), government and administration (at national, regional, municipal and local level) and NGOs sectors. RDA BSC SMEs - Plovdiv is an active participant in the process of creating the regional economic development and innovation policies, social and youth entrepreneurship, green infrastructure and energy efficiency, vocational education and development of labour market, historical and cultural heritage and tourism, in the development of regional and municipal development plans and strategies, regional innovation strategies, communication strategies and others. Participation in the regional, district and municipal development councils, councils for cooperation and tripartite councils at regional, district and municipal levels, in national and international networks. RDA BSC SMEs - Plovdiv was established in 1996 as a non-governmental, non-profit organization, and is registered in Bulgaria under the new Act for non-profit organizations with socially useful activities. Founders and members of RDA BSC SMEs - Plovdiv are 6 municipalities, 2 associations of employers, 6 universities, enterprises and physical persons. We provide consultancy and coaching, training, information and logistics services to enterprises and physical persons (incl. youth and youth experts and staff), municipalities, universities and training (incl. VET) centres, unemployed and disadvantaged people.





European Grants International Academy S.R.L., Italy


EGInA Srl is a private training agency and consultancy body, operating in the field of EU projects and grants. The company has been founded by a team of project managers with long-term experience in the preparation, submission and implementation of project proposals, as well as in the coordination of international partnerships and the administrative and financial management of actions at local, national and EU level. EGInA Srl is located in Foligno, in the Umbria Region (1,30h far from Rome by train), and it operates within a wide and consolidated network of public and private bodies, providing high-quality services and consultancy in different fields: LIFELONG LEARNING AND HIGHER EDUCATION We are accredited at the Umbria Region as a training agency for the implementation of training activities funded by the European Social Fund. At the moment, we are responsible for the implementation of the Youth Guarantee initiative in the Umbria Region: we have already oriented more than 700 NEETs between 18 and 29 years old and inserted them in qualification courses and/or traineeships ( RESEARCH & INNOVATION We constantly try to design and realize innovative solutions and services for different target groups, taking advantage also of a proved network of international relations and partnerships. We are members of the National Association “Stati Generali dell’Innovazione”, where we coordinate the working group on education and culture TRANSNATIONAL MOBILITY EGInA Srls acts also as a sending, hosting and intermediary organization in the field of transnational mobility. On the basis of our logistic and organizational competencies and facilities, we always analyze and interpret the educational and professional needs and resources of the territory, in order to offer the best international experience both at outgoing and incoming learners.








Gursu Municipality is the 8th largest district of our 17-district city. It has established in 1930. Our organization has been operating and working with public people with events on international activities. The main areas of organization activities – Contribute to the economic and civic growth of the human being, through life long education, to draw attention to the importance of supporting the integration of disadvantaged and local citizenship. The people have benefited from career counselling, personal and professional development in accordance with the current requirements of the labour market. We want to collaborate with other European organization regarding the exchange of information and good practices on training and professional development in order to promote the European dimension and sustainable development. We wish to promote cooperation between European countries and our goal are to obtain deep knowledge of the different, to develop cooperation in order to exchange good practices and to stimulate the interest in people for other cultures. The Municipality is legally responsible for municipal and agro waste management in the city. The Municipality of Gursu is a local administrative body with corresponding territorial division legislature, responsible for managing the main issues that concern the city: environment, social area, cultural activities, education, construction, and others. It is also responsible for establishing specific laws and rules for the municipality in order to promote a quality life for the community.







Agricultural Advisory Centre  Branch Office in Krakow, Poland


The Agricultural Advisory Centre is a public body with a legal personality. The mission of the Centre is to promote and develop rural areas, support the sustainable development of rural areas and raise professional qualifications of agricultural advisers, agricultural school teachers and other rural inhabitants, promote and disseminate cultural and national heritage especially in rural areas. The AAC Branch Office in Cracow organizes professional training and an advisory service for agricultural advisory centre staff, teachers, farmers, youngsters and other rural inhabitants concerning:
- agritourism support;
- local communities projects;
- rural cultural heritage;
- local product promotion;
- non-agricultural enterprises run by farmers and young farmers.
The AAC co-operates with agricultural advisory centres, scientific research institutions, government and local government institutions, farmers' organisations and other organisations which work for the development of the countryside and agriculture.