On July 4th, INNETICA organized a meeting with young people, entrepreneurs and representatives of associations related to culture in the rooms of the Association Rumanos sin Fronteras. The participants were 25 people. INNETICA trainers and experts related to European cultural heritage explained the possibilities offered by this sector in terms of employment possibilities.

On June 6 this year CDR O / Kraków employees conducted another meeting promoting and promoting the assumptions and effects of the Minerva project. This time, participants of the event were 45 students and teachers from the Ignatianum Academy in Krakow, whose educational profile is related to the area of ​​cultural heritage.

On June 21, INNETICA organized a session of the Minerva project. Entrepreneurs and representatives of associations related to culture in Valencia participated in this activity.

More than 60 young people from Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, Perushtitsa and Kuklen were trained in two trainings - on May 31st and July 18th. They became aware of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + international youth programme to acquire the skills, knowledge and competences needed to prevent youth unemployment in the area of ​​cultural and historical heritage. This happened with a series of trainings in Kuklen for youth conducted by the Regional Development Agency with the Business Support Center for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises /RDA BSC SME/. The training seminars were organized under the Minerva Project - Youth Employment for European Cultural Heritage project, by sector KA 2, of the Erasmus + programme.

On May 29, a meeting with students from AU in Krakow took place at the headquarters of CDR O / Kraków. The participants were 32 people. Young people were acquainted with the assumptions of the implemented project and the possibility of using its effects in seeking employment in the cultural heritage sectors.