The Spanish Association of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Information and Communication Technologies (Innetica) is currently working under the European project "Minerva", which aims to explore employment opportunities for young people in the cultural heritage sector. The project creates an online platform for youth workers that includes tools and documentation related to employment in the cultural heritage sector.

On October 14-16, 2019, the 18th Polish National Agrotourism Symposium entitled "Polish cultural heritage as a chance for the development of rural tourism" was organized for 150 people by the Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów Branch in Krakow. Symposium is a cyclical event constituting a forum for the integration of environments centered on the development of rural tourism and a place of exchange of knowledge and experience between science, public institutions and practice.

On September 25-26, 2019, the first evaluation meeting of the international project YOUTH-EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE [MINERVA] co-financed under the Erasmus + Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practice Exchange (KA2) program took place in the Czech Republic: Strategic Partnerships (KA205).
The project is implemented in cooperation with organizations from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Turkey and Italy. The project duration is 24 months, from 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2020.

On July 4th, INNETICA organized a meeting with young people, entrepreneurs and representatives of associations related to culture in the rooms of the Association Rumanos sin Fronteras. The participants were 25 people. INNETICA trainers and experts related to European cultural heritage explained the possibilities offered by this sector in terms of employment possibilities.

On June 6 this year CDR O / Kraków employees conducted another meeting promoting and promoting the assumptions and effects of the Minerva project. This time, participants of the event were 45 students and teachers from the Ignatianum Academy in Krakow, whose educational profile is related to the area of ​​cultural heritage.