Youth-European Cultural Heritage [MINERVA]

It is based on the creation of a European platform with online tools for youth workers, employment agents and volunteers who work with young people on a daily basis.
The need is determined by a lack of knowledge and specialist advice for young people about job opportunities in the field of cultural heritage.
The project is included in the context of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (as well as in the context of the celebration in Plovdiv in Bulgaria, which will be the European Capital of Culture in Bulgaria in 2019) and has the direct objective of increasing the employment of young people in the cultural sector. For this purpose, a platform with online tools for employees, job agents and volunteers who work with young people on a daily basis will be created. For this reason, training will be organized to provide them with the necessary tools to initiate and manage activities dedicated to young people; such as work workshops and personalized advice. The project involves the exchange of good practices, the implementation of networks at European level to facilitate finding youth work with skills related to the field of culture, training youth leaders and youth, and creating a European platform with online tools for youth workers and work agents to inspire them and contribute to the dissemination of work on cultural heritage among young people.
Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów. The branch in Krakow is responsible for the coordination and execution of tasks within the project.
The project is underway.

Participants, participating organisations, target groups and other relevant stakeholders

24 Participants from 6 countries will improve knowledge on youth employment measures visiting different organisations and getting in contact with various realities internationally. They will be able to adopt the measures they consider efficient at the local level.

24 Multipliers will enhance knowledge on specific methods to be used when working with unemployed youngsters, at the same time they will be trained to transfer this knowledge to youth workers that deal with youngsters on daily basis.

Impact on 800 youth workers from 6 countries (each multiplier will run sessions on employment workshops structure, learning objectives and how to run the guiding and mentoring for unemployed youth).
Training on the job will be performed by the 20 multipliers.

Tools for youth employability platform will provide youth workers with concrete exercises, for guiding and mentoring youngsters to organize the job search process. Employment workshops will contribute to diminishing huge unemployment rate in Europe and will motivate youth workers and employment agents to use these tools in their daily activities with youngsters.

The study on the impact of employment workshops will be based on a survey realized by the 800 youth workers with beneficiaries of employment workshops. Data will be collected and analysed by project staff to determine the impact of the employability actions on youth.

Youth centres, youth NGOs and educational institutions: They will be informed on the benefits of employment workshops among youth and will be asked to implement such activities.

Implementing these actions will generate diversification of youth services, youth centres, universities and high schools will address a very concrete need of youngsters to find a job related cultural heritage. Local communities will benefit from the actions of this project, as indirect beneficiaries of this project.

Target groups of your dissemination activities inside and outside your partnership

Organisations targeted for the dissemination of project results and achievements:
- Youth centres, youth NGOs, Youth Authorities (local regional) from the communities of the six
- IT companies and Employers’ organisations from the local/regional communities of partners.
- Educational institutions from the communities of the six partner organisations: High schools,
universities, vocational training institutes.
- Ministry/National agencies for youth in the participating countries.
- Salto Youth network.
- Local and regional youth and educational organizations will be informed on the benefits of the so-called "Employment workshops" implementation in order to diminish the high rate of unemployment of youth.

Organisations will be given the tools to change the situation and use the outcomes of this project in their daily activities with youngsters.
National bodies responsible for the implementation of youth policies at the national level will be called to
prioritize actions promoting youth employability. The purpose is to create debate and bring youth employability as a priority in youth work.

Salto Youth and other resource centres around Europe will be informed about the content of our project and will create the premises to initiate a partnership in order to promote the content of the Platform with tools for youth workers and employment agents. Multipliers and youth workers (direct and
indirect beneficiaries of the project) will be encouraged to publish tools for youth employment on Salto-youth portal, as it's a very popular tool well known by youth professionals around Europe.