On September 25-26, 2019, the first evaluation meeting of the international project YOUTH-EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE [MINERVA] co-financed under the Erasmus + Cooperation for Innovation and Good Practice Exchange (KA2) program took place in the Czech Republic: Strategic Partnerships (KA205).
The project is implemented in cooperation with organizations from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Spain, Poland, Turkey and Italy. The project duration is 24 months, from 01/09/2018 to 31/08/2020.

MINERVA 7During the meeting, the general course of the MINERVA project was discussed, including anticipated products as well as the roles and tasks of the partners. During the discussion on the results of the project, the role of partners and tasks, the activities already completed were summarized. The presentation of the partners participating in the project included the implemented assumptions, including ways of disseminating information about the project and meetings with young people. Up to August 2019, 322 people participated in the meetings.

In the second part of the meeting there was a discussion on the functionality of the platform with tools containing didactic materials, the correctness of the project supervision procedures, the communication plan as well as the management and implementation plan as well as the internal evaluation of the project.

Finally, the partners set the next steps necessary to achieve the project's goal of improving the quality of support and counseling services for young people in the field of cultural heritage professions within the network of transnational associations.

More about the project can be found on the project website.