On June 6 this year CDR O / Kraków employees conducted another meeting promoting and promoting the assumptions and effects of the Minerva project. This time, participants of the event were 45 students and teachers from the Ignatianum Academy in Krakow, whose educational profile is related to the area of ​​cultural heritage.

During the meeting, workshops were held on activities related to youth employment in the cultural heritage sector. The workshops concerned types of professions, motivations to start work, and factors limiting and facilitating employment in the discussed area, as well as ways of cultivating traditions and cultural heritage. Participants were made aware of the high rate of youth unemployment in Europe and the possibility of taking up professional activity in various industries of cultural heritage, such as the creative industry, cultural tourism, historic properties, the protection of cultural heritage, the art and antiques market, popularization and education of cultural heritage, traditional crafts and crops.

Among the participants, a survey on taking up employment, including the level of interest in employment in the sectors of cultural heritage, was carried out. The results of the study will be included in a comprehensive international study on employment and professions related to cultural heritage.

During the meeting, the emerging internet platform of all project partners was presented, containing tools and resources for young people and people working with young people in the field of activities and professions related to cultural heritage. The platform is located at this address

In addition, at the meeting the profile of the project coordinator's activity - Agricultural Advisory Center in Brwinów Branch in Krakow was presented, as well as a lecture on preserving the natural and cultural landscape of the village as an element of Polish cultural heritage.