More than 60 young people from Plovdiv, Asenovgrad, Perushtitsa and Kuklen were trained in two trainings - on May 31st and July 18th. They became aware of the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + international youth programme to acquire the skills, knowledge and competences needed to prevent youth unemployment in the area of ​​cultural and historical heritage. This happened with a series of trainings in Kuklen for youth conducted by the Regional Development Agency with the Business Support Center for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises /RDA BSC SME/. The training seminars were organized under the Minerva Project - Youth Employment for European Cultural Heritage project, by sector KA 2, of the Erasmus + programme.

University etudents, students from secondary schools and unemployed young people participated in the training.

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The main topics of the training modules were topics related to the exchange of cultural heritage through traditional customs, the motivation of young people to work in the field of cultural heritage, as well as forms of cultural and historical tourism.

Special attention was given to the city of Plovdiv - as a major cultural centre of the Balkans and the oldest living city in Europe and the initiative Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.

Practical sessions were also held in order to activate the youth to work in the field of culture and cultural and historical heritage.

In the form of role-playing games and case studies, young people were taught behaviours when applying for a job, as well as learning specific job search skills and techniques for successful job interviews.

The trainings will continue in August.


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