24 participants from 6 countries came to workshops and lectures in the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria. Project participants met to broaden their knowledge about activities related to youth employment in the cultural sector. The delegation was accepted by RDA BSC SMEs (Regional Development Agency from the Business Support Center for Small and Medium Enterprises).

For five days, participants learned about the tools and ideas implemented in individual countries. Educators enriched knowledge about specific methods to be used in working with unemployed young people and were trained in the transfer of this knowledge to young employees who work with young people every day. During the workshops, they acquired the ability to use modern internet platforms to create attractive training content appealing to young generations. Participants got acquainted, among others with techniques of photography and film editing, creation of audio-guides, rules of storytelling and writing a business plan for the establishment of companies by young people in the European Union.
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As a result, the project will raise the knowledge of 800 people working with youth from 6 countries (each multiplier will conduct sessions devoted to the structure of employment workshops, ways of conducting counseling and mentoring for unemployed youth). Tools for the youth employment platform will provide youth workers with specific exercises to guide and mentor youth to organize the job search process.

Employment workshops will contribute to reducing the huge unemployment rate in Europe and will motivate youth workers and employment agents to use these tools in their day-to-day activities with young people.

The study of the impact of workshops on employment will be based on a study conducted by 800 people working with young people with the beneficiaries of the workshops. Data will be collected and analyzed by project personnel to determine the impact of project activities on young people. Youth centers, youth NGOs and educational institutions will be informed about the benefits of youth employment workshops and will be asked to implement such activities.

The next meeting of project coordinators is planned in September and this time will be held at the partner of Edu Consulting in the Czech Republic.